Monday, December 14, 2009

Humble and Powerful

Love, Pain and Humility at the Temple of Truth

There is only one virtue that all our experience of happiness and pain, all our triumphs and defeats, all the wealth of love and the extreme and shattering poverty of lovelessness give us. And that virtue is the Goddess of all virtues for only through that can we reach the ultimate understanding of self and love and everything that is important to our living. That virtue is also the essence of all loving and all happiness. That virtue, simply put, is humility, boundless, pure and totally spontaneous. Humility -- not submissiveness, not feigned modesty or smoodge - but humility born of complete self-belief and assurance --- this virtue alone is the path of saints, and saints alone live in eternal peace and happiness. And only a person truly at peace with himself and the world around him can be really happy And only a happy person can be genuinely good and loving, kind and eternally forgiving of himsel and others.

Humility at the Temple of Truth is the only religion there is. Truth can be --and generally is and will be -- inconvenient to us and to our beliefs about who we are, because we have grown up feeding on alluring myths: myths like 'We deserve better than we get' from life and the world, or that our suffering is the doing of others or that the only reason we suffer is our innocnence, purity and goodness of heart.
At The temple of Truth, we discover the only source of the kind of life we get -- and that source is our conduct, our beliefs, our desires, our dreams, our expectations of life and the diference between these expectations and the emotional and material investments we are willing to make towards the fulfilment of these dreams and expectations.
If love has chosen you to receive its harvest of pain, you are lucky, especially if life has also given you the vision and wisdom to gain from this pain , to learn from it, to make it the doorway to abiding peace and happiness. Never let pain be its own cause and effect, but transform it into a means for you to grow as a person. A time will come when you will look this pain in the eye, smile at it and at yourself and laugh loudly at your association with this pain. Then you will thank this pain in all sincerity for having come your way just when and how and why it did. You will then move on to be always in the service of the world that houses you. Then - and then alone - will you discover the true meaning of pain and of love. Then will you fully experience its rich, lofty and ennobling influence. Then alone will you bathe in the cool glow of love and will always and always want to give more and more of yourself to anyone who values it. Love and giving have never been parted nor ever will be.